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Edenfest (Re: sloan)

Good luck with getting in and out -
you literally CAN NOT get within 5km (or around that) of the concert area,
they are going to have police lined up all around it. i doubt you will be
allowed in and out. also did they ever get the health permit?? i heard that
they didn't have a health permit and that the mayor of the town wanted to
cancel it. hmmm have fun! 90 000 people. it's like lollapalooza for 5 days
with 3 times the people. i barely lasted one.

>The war camp comment sounds accurate. Sounds like security is going to be
>the Gestapo. Even though a camping fee is included in our ticket price, my
>friends and I decided to get a hotel room instead. I think anyone who tries
>to party at the campground will be summarily executed.
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