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Re: sloan

>second of all, sloan should play a secret show when they're in the southern
>ontario area for edenfest. is anyone on this list actually planning on going
>to edenfest?
>-=- D'Arcy -=-hello everybody :)

I'll be going. I'm not quite sure what to make of the lineup yet -- I've
only counted 14 bands on the list that I know I would pay to see, and I
think 10 of them are playing on Saturday, so I'm bound to miss some. They
ARE promising a couple of surprise guests...

The war camp comment sounds accurate. Sounds like security is going to be
the Gestapo. Even though a camping fee is included in our ticket price, my
friends and I decided to get a hotel room instead. I think anyone who tries
to party at the campground will be summarily executed.