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Re: Edenfest (Re: sloan)

maenon\!/webgate.net wrote...
>>Good luck with getting in and out -
>you literally CAN NOT get within 5km (or around that) of the concert area,
>they are going to have police lined up all around it. i doubt you will be
>allowed in and out. 

Yes, you *will* be allowed in-and-out privileges. When you enter the park 
initially you will be given a wristband that you must wear the entire weekend. 
If they catch you not wearing one, you will be kicked out.  But the wristband 
allows you to come and go in and out of the park as you please. 
>also did they ever get the health permit?? i heard that
>they didn't have a health permit and that the mayor of the town wanted to
>cancel it. hmmm have fun! 90 000 people. it's like lollapalooza for 5 days
>with 3 times the people. i barely lasted one.

And yes, the organizers did manage to get the proper permits at the 11th hour,
so Edenfest will still be going on.

Have fun, those of you that are going.  Must be nice, being able to afford a
$130 concert.