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sloan geeks / west island rockers


the july edition of _chart_ has a sloan interview.  they're in colour 
too.  in one pic they're posing like one of the beatles album covers.  for 
the whole, they (sloan) look ridiculous.  especially that mega close-up  
of the stoned out jay.. oh, the article is okay..... there's also an 
article on jale. nothing about the music, just strange questions.. and 
sushi.  yum :)

also, if anyone has any questions for the local rabbits, send them to me 
by 10 am (est) this monday.  i'll be interviewing them or whatever.  i 
don't know what's going on, other than the fact they'll be on my  radio 
show for 3 hours (is studio A locked from the outside?).  i'll ask any 
question.... well, except for that one little question i just can't ask 

anyway, for those of you in the kitchener-waterloo area (and possibly 
beyond - reaches parts of guelph) that want to listen in, the show is on 
monday afternoons, 2 - 5 on ckms (100.3 fm  95.5 on cable).  

thanks for your attention :)

			...sizzle teen