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Re: nothing important.

>>>i was in toronto this afternoon and my friend and i decided to look
around in 
>>>Tower Records. while inside i was in the "rap" section and who did i bump
>>Let me guess... George Micheal?
>>>JAY FERGUSON!   (i was a little excited)...
>>Damn, George Micheal would have been better!

OK, OK!!!  This was a JOKE!  Bobbie's my friend and I was just joking around
with her so please stop sending me hate mail!!!!  Sheesh, I'm sorry if I
pissed everyone off, but don't you think that Bobbie would have replied to
me herself if she was offended?  She doesn't need everyone sticking up for
her over such a dumb matter... really.

So, please accept my apology and I'll refrain from posting inside jokes from
now on.  

I'm really not a prick, it just hasn't been my day...