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jale show in toronto

i went to the jale show at the ultrasound in toronto last friday. i 
thought that it was good, but it was definately not my favourite show by 
far. they played all of the new stuff, (and quite well too) except for drag, 
despite, and the 
sentimental song as well as some of the faves from closed and dreamcake 
(9yrs, double edge, long way home, nebulous, 3days) and the coincidence 
cheticamp song. the crowd was quite polite and stayed seated for the 
most part, especially on the dance 
floor. there were a lot of guys there and from the dance floor if you didn't 
want to stretch your neck too much you had to stare at their legs the 
whole time. very few people were boogeying, but i guess jale music isn't 
really the type that people boogey to, and their fans didn't seem like 
the boogeying type.

i knew what to expect and therefore i wasn't happily surprised or 
majorly dissapointed. if anyone else was there, i was standing with my 
friend right next to the right hand speaker and we were wearing dresses.
oh yeah, and we got cut down by eve as being show-offs when we yelled out 
frightened of. next time we're gonna request black coffee or letting you 
go. (ha   ha)

can anyone tell me where one may purchase the jale import cd5 please?
see ya,
lisa c-w.
p.s. does mike campbell loooove the rescue us from boredom vid or WHAT?
p.p.s. if someone has a bio from the press package of octa could they 
perhaps post some relevant info? thanks.