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Re: sappy music is better

rant:  sappy tried to book a tour date at the volcano club here in k-w, 
for june 29.  but they (volcano) wouldn't book them.  they (well, she) 
refused.  and people wonder why live music is dying in southern ontario....

[in london, on]
> 	Moonsocket was third in line.
anyone notice that chris (moon socket)  was playing the drum part to 
"good in everyone" before setting up for his set?  [side note: chris t. and 
ron b. totally dig _octa_]

> 	Broken Girl was next.
definitely awesome, definitely music that could make you cry.  

julie said that the 12" of her album is being pressed, and should be  
available in the near future.

> 	Thrush Hermit closed the show. 
third time's a charm..  although their edgy fest 3 set was the best set i've 
seen, the london show was pretty good.  they're heading for 
arena-rock, that's for sure. ;)  but what was the deal with ian 
distributing all those sheets saying "patriot" and wanting people to 
hold them up???  as an "environmentalist", i must object... (uhh.. that's 
why i took one of those sheets.. as evidence, yeah, that's right..)  but he 
may live ;) 

				...sizzle teen

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