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stirring the pot

The old fart decloaks long enough to get the effluvia concerning Sloanish
influences roiling once again:

After listening to it for a while I don't think the Beatle influneces are as
strong as everyone seems to think. I'd attribute it to tunnel vision caused
by a too recent birth date. Sure there are some Beatle things there like the
occasional Ringo drum roll and Harrisonesque guitar line, but I hear other
bands of the era as much if not more. I hear much more Beach Boys circa Pet
Sounds in both the harmonies and the sometimes lush bits. Remember,
McCartney thinks Pet Sounds is the best LP of all time and it was very
influential on Sgt Pepper.  And I know for a fact that at least one member
of Sloan owns the Beach Boys Smile bootleg.  

I also hear Burt Bacharach and Herb Alpert in the horns, and Thunderclap
Newman on one song that I can't remembr the title to right now.

While I'm still visible, let me add that Julie should play whatever damn
song she wants to, whenever she wants, and in any way that she wants to.
Same holds true for any artist.

{re-engage cloak}


John F Butland   O-