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Re: Yehaw!/elevator to hell at birdland

On Sun, 30 Jun 1996, **shawn morris** wrote:

> I also was at the show, I was taking photo's for a while. Broken Girl was
> extremely boring IMO, and the fact that Julie had the nerve to play "secret
> for julie" is just sick. Secret For Julie is an ET song, thats the way it
> should stay. 'nuf said.

hmmm...i think that's kind of...no, actually *quite* close minded to say 
that "Julie had the nerve to play 'secret for julie".
it's her song. if she wants to play it, she can.
every song that rick wrote and used for eric's trip was an "elevator to 
hell" song for the most part, as he usually has demos of each song he 
writes himself.
does that mean that rick should have kept his "elevator to hell" songs to 
himself and not let eric's trip use them?
i just don't see why julie can't play a song of her own, regardless of 
whether or not eric's trip had it on an album.
i don't know if i *ever* heard them play it live. adam? anyone?

speaking of elevator to hell though, their show at the birdland tonight was 
*GREAT!* they played a set of songs that were mostly new...stuff that 
hasn't ever been played live yet, and stuff that there aren't plans to 
release yet.
of course, the band was minus ron bates on keyboards, as he's touring 
with orange glass. rick did his best to fill in the keyboards with his 
guitar on songs like "roger and the hair" though.
they played really well...a lot faster and heavier than previous shows 
that i've seen! rick had this delay effect on his guitar for a few songs 
that made it sound a bit pink floyd-ish to me at times.
mark's drumming as usual was top notch, and tara just rocked away on the 
the chinstarps (sp?;) opened and ran through a 30 minute set. kevin lewis 
played the whole show with his guitar amp hanging on his back! mike had 
this tape loop that he kept recording stuff on and playing it through the 
system between and during songs. quite neat!
mighty trust crusher opened the show. not really my kind of sound, 
really. i mean they all play well and what not, but the whole 
soundgarden/pearl jam sound was something i never really dug too much for 
the most part. 
oh well...elevator and the chinstarps were *awesome* though!
i'm off to bed now.