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good thrush hermit story from london

Well it seems that TH went to buy some records at In Yer Ear, a london
store, and well the walked in, and my friend john who works there not
knowing what they look like said "hey you guys going to see thrush hermit??"
and joel was like "Ummm we are thrush hermit", needless to say john felt
stupid. Even better, they have always put little stickers describing the
band, and In Yer Ear was gonna put on GPO "please buy this, we starving
artists" which was in reference to joel being skinny then anything, also on
the new list board they have theres a drawing of a raver and an "indie" guy,
and well they wanted to write thrush hermit up the sides of the jacket and
have the "indie" guy saying to the raver boy "fuck you raver boy". I dunno,
sometimes I really don't understand musicians. 


ps the main reason a lot of people missed snailhouse was because they made
about 10-15 wait outside until the doors opened, and well they only got to
catch less then one song, which really sucked.
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