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Re: Sappy dates

>You are in luck. The Sappy tour will come to Edmonton at Sidetrack for a 
>19+ show on July 17. I'll be posting the other dates sometime soon for 
>those interested.

hey Mike, thought i'd save you the trouble
here's the latest update available from the booking agent 
this update is not yet available from loser\!/subpop.com

** w/ broken girl, snailhouse, orange glass and  moonsocket 
* w/ broken girl, snailhouse and orange glass 
(bands not necessarily playing in that order)
30	X-Club, Hamilton, ON  (aa/L) **
4	Townhouse, Sudbury, ON  (L) *
6	Ozzie's, Winnipeg, MB  (L) *
8	Amigo's, Saskatoon, SK  (L) *
(the date scheduled for Regina on the 9th is no longer happening)
11  	The Gate, Vancouver, BC  (L) *
12  	The Boot Pub, Whistler, BC (L) *
13   The Limit, Victoria, BC  (L) *
16 	Republik, Calgary, AB (L) * 
17	Sidetrack Cafe, Edmonton, AB  (L) *
(the date scheduled for Saskatoon on the 18th is no longer happening)
19	The Zoo, Winnipeg, MB (L) *
21	4th Dimension, Thunder Bay, ON (aa) *
24	Albion, Guelph, ON  (aa/L) *
25	Ultrasound, Toronto, ON **
27 	Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON (aa/L afternoon show - Squirtgun Release party
w/ radioblaster, speedbuggy, moonsocket, orange glass)