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Re: Yehaw!

On Sat, 29 Jun 1996, Bos Family wrote:

> Hello!  Exuse my yippin', but last night I went to the best sappy 
> related show in a while.  It was Sappy night last night at Call the 

I was there too and I have to agree that the show was pretty good. Thrush 
Hermit were pretty good despite all the negative hype they've been 
getting lately. What was really funny was when Ian asked a girl to come 
up on stage and do a Courtney Cox/Bruce Springsteen dance kind of thing, 
and she totally declined...talk about a blow to the ego! I just 
wanted to add that I thought that Broken Girl drew the biggest crowd, 
attracting even more people than T. Hermit. I thought that was quite odd, 
(and kind of cool)...did anyone else notice that? 

I also noticed that the lousy 7" has been added to the sappy 
roster...Julie could stress enough how really amazing it was and I was 
just wondering if magnus was still on sloannet...I haven't seen a 
magnus-post in at least 8 months. Oh well, gotta go..

Top Notch Babee :)


P.S.- Hats off to Kelly R. who drove for three hours from Buffalo just to 
see the show :)

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