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Hello!  Exuse my yippin', but last night I went to the best sappy 
related show in a while.  It was Sappy night last night at Call the 
Office in London, Ont., and most of those on the Sappy rooster were 
there (Snailhouse, Broken Girl, Moonsocket, and Orange Glass), as well 
as Radioblaster and Thrush Hermit.  Here's my humble review.
	Snailhouse took the stage first.  Only a handfull of people were 
in the bar when he started to play, and only several of that handfull 
were listening.  I guess I might have liked it so much because I'm 
familiar with his stuff (the fine cd and the sappy 7"), because not many 
others seemed to care.  I thought he was great!  His songs sound even 
better live.  He played a couple new ones too.  Apparently he'll have a 
full length disc on sappy in the fall.  Catch him live if you can.  

	Orange Glass played second.  They freakin' (and I mean 
freakin'!) blew me away.  Everyone seemed pretty into them, and they put 
on an excellent show.  Ron is fun to watch on stage.  This was the 
second time I saw them live, the first time I wasn't too impressed with 
them (the sound was so bad), but again, they ROCKED.

	Moonsocket was third in line.  It's kind of funny because Chris 
(?) and Ron from Orange Glass get done playing, then they come back on 
to play with Moonsocket.  Julie played with Orange Glass, than got on 
stage later for the Broken Girl performance.  It was like some big scam 
("hi, we're Orange Glass, buy our music."  They switch instruments and 
come back on stage.  "hi, we're moonsocket, buy our music!")  Moonsocket 
was so good!  The transition from acoustic one man songs to full band 
electric songs worked very well.  He played some from the Accept 
Fear 7", which sounded great.  The highlight was when they played 
"Somebody Else's Love," which Chris announced as his country song.  
It was complete with a "Yehaw!" from Chris in the chorus.  Plug me 

	Broken Girl was next.  Because of the nature of her music, the 
set seemed really long, even thought it was probably only twenty five 
minutes.  Despite this it was an excellent set.  She played "secret for 
Julie," after saying that it was a cover!!!  The song "so fast" from the 
More of Our Stupid Noise Comp."  was such a good song.  She ended the 
set with a french tune, and again I kicked myself for not sicking with 
French throughtout highschool.  This was also my second time seeing 
Broken Girl, and she has yet to play "beautiful."  It's funny how the 
old broken girl stuff (well.. the dog love 7")  was both happy and sad, 
but the new stuff is just sad... really really sad.  I dig it though, 
and it's obvious she's good at what she does if it effects me so much.  
I'm blabbing...

	Radio blaster was London's submission to the East Coast night.  
Excellent stuff.  They played a bunch of Sugar-Shock (they played 
T-Shirt, my fave!).  Excellent band live.  Everyone played A TON of new 
stuff, including Radioblaster.

	Thrush Hermit closed the show.  This was my first time seeing 
them, and a couple of people have mentioned that they were becoming 
tiresome and old on stage,  but I was into the whole "AC/CD" act.  It 
was ammusing, but it was also the first time I saw it.  They also played 
a ton of new songs.  The new songs sounded great, a giant leap from 
they're old stuff.  They also played a bunch from Smartbomb and GPO.  I 
very much enjoyed them.  So did everyone else.

	If you're still reading this.... What a good show!!!!  At the 
Merchandise table I picked up Stereo Moutain, Lousy, the new orange 
glass 7" and the Moonsocket CD, thus owning the whole sappy catalogue. 
The stereo mountain is a second pressing, and the inlay is really neat 
looking.  Five year old girlfriend still annoys me (all that 
screeching!).  I've yet to listen to the Orange Glass and the Lousy, but 
it's summer and i've got all the time in the world.  



	Buy the new moonsocket CD.  If you don't like other moonsocket 
stuff, this is much different.  And if you're a moonsocket fan, it won't 
dissapoint.  Good from start to finish!