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Re: it's been a sloannNet-icious day!

Barbara Sedun wrote:
>I saw jale at ultrasound tonight and it was the best jale performance i 
>have ever seen, besides the first time i saw them in halifax oh so many 
>years ago - the first time always seems to be the best, doesn't it?  the 
>sound was absolutely perfect, as was everything.  the place was packed, 
>sro, and it sold out way before jale went on.  wendal was great too.  one 
>of my favourite "unknown" bands - has anyone else out there seen them??

I too was at the Ultrasound show.  It was great, it was the first time that
I'd actually seen them.  Wendal were rockin' too.  I also saw them on Monday
when they opened up for Velocity Girl and at that show the lead singer gave
out muffins that he'd made but he didn't need to cause the music alone was
just fine.  Their stuff is mostly poppy and one of the songs kind of had a
Man or Astroman? feeling to it.  The majority are hooky pop songs though.

>> I did catch Jale's live performance and interview on Muchmusic.  Of all
>> people why did Natalie Richard have to interview them? First of all she
>> pronounced their album name wrong(which I can forgive) but it was obvious
>> that she probably read some press bio thing about them five minutes before
>> the interview. Where's Sook-Yin Lee when you need her?
>We all complain about the vj's on much but don't do anything about it, 
>right?  personally, i really liked diego and actually sent mm an email 
>last week and told them that.  i got a response, so i know someone 
>heard.  natalie is a really nice person, according to those who know 
>her, but she is usually unprepared for her interviews. maybe that's her 
>thing, i don't know, but it does get irritating quickly.

Well I talked to Natalie once and she was really nice but she really should
be more prepared for her interviews, I mean that's her job.  There were so
many angles that she could have taken for that interview but she went for
the ubiquitous "How do you guys write songs?" question.  But she's really

Take care 
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