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it's been a sloannNet-icious day!

First of all, did any T.O. sloanNetters make it down to the Jale show at 
the Ultrasound. Alas, I didn't go but could anyone give a rundown on how 
the show went.

I did catch Jale's live performance and interview on Muchmusic.  Of all 
people why did Natalie Richard have to interview them? First of all she 
pronounced their album name wrong(which I can forgive) but it was obvious 
that she probably read some press bio thing about them five minutes before 
the interview. Where's Sook-Yin Lee when you need her?

Lastly, as Heather mentioned, Sloan's `Good in Everyone' is # 28 on the 
Muchmusic countdown, although as usual, they screwed up the spelling of 


P.S. Woo-hoo! Got the Sappy Records catalogue in the mail today!
	It has the whole Sappy tour(featuring Broken Girl, Snailhouse
        , Orange Glass and Moonsocket) on it so it anyone needs some dates 
        and locales just e-mail me.