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Jale in Buffalo--6/27

Jale--Buffalo Nickel Lounge thurs night.

I really didn't know what to expect when i attended the Jale show being it
was my first major exposure to them.
it was really worth it.
thursdays are $1 a bottle night and the place was packed with "drinkers"
while about 10-12 people had the intent of seeing Jale.  
they played a great set, the majority being new material.  the band was very
personable and i saw several smiles from jennifer pierce's face directed at
the front row consisting of some people from st. catherines who heavily
sported "death rock" fingers.
they encored with Superstar and if i guessed correctly, the extra song after
it on So Wound.  


***and LOOKY what i picked up at the merch table......never mind the
(an unsuspecting Julie W. lent me money to get it....only if she realized,
she would have bought it herself....hee heee.)***
Check it out!