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you know, nothing's more annoying to a poor, whiny,
overworked listmanagerboy than to have people *who
have already been unsubscribed* posting unsub
reuqests *to the list*.  argh.

but that's not what this note's about.
i just want to say:  i, james covey, officially
declare myself to be an OCTAholic.  i can't
stop listening to this damn sloan cd.  i play it
over and over and over at work.  i'm probably
driving my co-workers crazy.  i like it much
better than _twice removed_, which is a record that
i liked *a lot*.

things about _one chord..._ i especially like:

chris murphy's lyrics - best ever.  it's going
to take me a while to parse and absorb those 
five songs, which is a big reason why i don't 
feel up to writing a full-fledged review yet.

andrew scott's drums - what a fugging great
drum sound this record has.  even dave
"curmudgeon" ledden says so.  ;-)  the reason
is very simple.  they sound like real drums.

laurence currie's production - when you've
got so many songs worth getting intimate 
with, there's nothing more pleasing than
a production style that lets you get intimate
with them.  the more familiar i get with
the songs, the more i enjoy being able 
to discern all the various constitutive
elements, without being hit over the head
with them.

ok, enough sloan for now.  time to eject
and drop in t rex _electric warrior_
again.  :-)


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