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new moon socket cd has arrived

the new moon socket cd "the best thing" released on sappy is ready.  the
track listing is as follows:

what if the world blew up*
expressions of loneliness*
not your fault*
the best thing
somebody else's love*
fix my mind
brand new friend
bad time to care
secondary pleasure
love story
i want to now
almost spring
accept fear

rick white plays drums on * and it's chris on everything else.  these are
new recordings that were done by chris with rick earlier this year.  the
version of almost spring on the record is a band version unlike the acoustic
version on the more of our stupid noise comp.  people in toronto will be
able to get it \!/ sam's and hmv next week.  everyone else can mail order it
for $12 from squirtgun records, 689 queen st. w, toronto, on m6j 1e6.


squirtgun records
689 queen street, west
box 167
toronto, ontario
m6j 1e6