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2'nd Anniversary party

I have been a member of the list for quite a number of months and have yet
to post anything so please excuse me if I plug my own event and don't have
any EC content.

I am the editor of the Toronto publication The Spill Magazine and we are
having our 2'nd Anniversary party on July 11, 1996 at Souz Dal located at
636 College Street.  All Sloannetters are welcome.  Start time is 8:30 and
we're having a draw for t-shirts and we have a DJ spinning cool tunes so
come on down.

We'll also be re-launching our website which will feature an interview with
The Grace Babies (so there is my piece of EC content) it will be up and
running as of July 11 so I'll post the address then.

Any questions or for more info e-mail me personally

Arvin Kashyap
The Spill Magazine