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Much East.

Well, I stopped over in London on sunday night on my annual trip to
And I've got to say to all those other state-side Sloannetters...
We are missing out, *Big* time.  
If this week's mucheast is any indication of what it normally is, than I'm
defecting to Canada.  
I'm just echoing Jim's request for anyone who taped the show and can copy or
get me a copy of any of the videos played,
-500 up
-Coax me
-Sun coming up
-All ready
-Rescue us...
Or any other EC videos, etc, let me know...
Or if you're doing one for jim, let me know, and I can probably copy it from
I was supposed to do a trade type thing like this w/ TDC a *Long* time ago,
but I never got around to sending a tape, and I don't know if she's even on
here still.
adamma jamma