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A Stateside Review

Hey all.

First off, I'd like to extend my eternal thanks to Shant
for making this review possible.  [I'm writing you
another letter later].

Secondly, on first listen to the new Sloan CD, so far
I like it a lot.  I've always been a big Sloan fan,
so I'm not surprised that I like it.  It's a bit
different from the first two, but cool just the
same.  I can see that I'll develop some faves first,
then warm up to the other songs that haven't captured
my attention straight off the bat.

Anyway, a preliminary review from one of the lucky
Americans who've managed to get their hands on this
gem.  [The horns don't even bug me, I think they're
faily well-placed.  So far, only The Church has
pulled off using horns better.]

Well, that's it for now.  I'm off to listed some more
and think up some second, third and fourth impressions.