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OCTA-Gone: No Sloan in PA :(

	Philadelphia last night was much like a majority of the posts to
Sloan net: No EC content...  Despite what the City Paper promised, Sloan
and Jale did not play Nick's Upstairs last night.  When we showed up at
the club, my friends and I asked the guy wor king the door if Sloan was
playing and he said "Who?."  Then he went upstairs to check and came down
to tell us that both Sloan and Jale had cancelled.
	So then we went home.
	I guess I'll just have to send away for the new album in the mail. 


	P.S.: Personnally I really don't mind the non-E.C. posts.  I admit
the posts where someone pastes two screenfulls of someone elses message
and tacks a one line quip of their own on the bottom do bug me.  But, I'm
lonely and need all the mail I can get.