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sloan net is sucking.

ok, first of all, i realize that some people
are waiting to be unsubscribed.  but i haven't
had a chance to get online for more than a few
minutes since i got back from cape breton. 
i'll try to take care of those requests when
i get home from work today.

next, there's the matter of recent postings
on sloan net.  the signal-to-noise ratio on
this list, which is usually quite high compared
to other fan lists, has gone down drastically
lately.  other than some good reviews of the
detroit show there hasn't been much worth 
reading on sloan net lately.  there are,
however, ways that this can be improved.

- please, people, learn to use your email software.
  when you're quoting other messages, *cut out*
  the irrelevant parts.  if you don't know how,
  *learn*.  your local service provider, whoever
  that might be, will be happy to tell you how,
  i'm sure.

- let's call an end right now to "everybody get on
  IRC now!" posts.  what a waste of bandwidth.
  if you want to have a sloan net chat, post about
  it *once*.  include complete instructions for
  first-timers, and state a time specifying which
  time zone you mean, and leave it at that.
  there's too many people on this list (250 or so)
  to turn in into a big chat line.  

- i'll only mention one more thing for now, so that
  this doesn't go on too long:  lately the mere
  mention of certain bands (tristan psionic, 
  moist) has started whole threads concerning non
  EC bands.  it's stating the obvious to say that
  some people are forgetting to think before they

ok, that's enough crankiness for one day.
i'll think of more things to complain about

snowed under in june,


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