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Re: 89X B-day Bash

>time favorite records.  I think OCTA will easily grow on me soon.
>something to note, Sloan was rather sloppy, unrehearsed, and utterly
>awful, but they still rocked my ass so hard, especially when Andrew came
>out to do People of the sky and when Jennifer Pierce came out.  Simply

Sloppy and unrehearsed, maybe, but I definitely didn't think they were awful.
They played pretty much the same way when I saw them at Lancerfest last
fall, though I thought they had it together a little better this time. They
are one band thay definitely emphasizes fun over tightness, though -- I
will give you that, but it's one of the things I love about their shows.
The stuff from OCTA doesn't sound like the Beatles when they play it live,
but I still think the record does.