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Re: OCTA in the USA

alan wrote:
> Heard today that OCTA was released stateside. My understanding is that it
> is an import at domestic prices, which is probably correct since they'd
> have to get a distribution deal up and running in record time for it to be
> a real US release.
> Speaking of OCTA, have you ever put a CD in the player and hit shuffle,
> then been disappointed with the song selection? I have CD's where I like
> all the songs, but I don't have time to listen to the whole disc. If I hit
> shuffle I always get songs I'd rather not hear at the moment. But with
> OCTA, I don't seem to ever be disappointed. I haven't decided what that
> says about the record just yet, but I definitely like every song very very
> much!
> Hey, did any 89X listeners catch millen's comment last night about chris
> doing beavis and butthead impressions on stage??? I don't remember that, do
> you?
> alan

i think you must have misunderstood, alan - he probably said that chris 
being a bit of a butthead on stage  . . . [;)love ya murph]