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it was *colin's* birthday this month...

apologies in advance, since this message is more than one line long and
doesn't have several lines of redundant quoting at the end, doesn't have a
huge signature, doesn't refer to IRC or homepages or the person i'm
romantically linked with, doesn't refer to non east coast bands and
whether i love them or hate them, doesn't promote my own band, and isn't
my 14th post today. whoops. :)

last week i had the pleasure of seeing the local rabbits live for the
first time. i laughed sooo hard my stomach was sore the next day. i'm not
sure it would be so amusing the second time around, but it was great fun.
the songs were fairly super for the most part, and their live rendition of
"intro" was stupendous. this was all at some shit bar at mohawk college in
hamilton ontario. their bass player repulsed us so much, but by the end of
the show, we were strangely attracted to him. well, not so much me but
more like elizabeth. i think i'm still repulsed.

the best part of the night, in my opinion, however, was rebecca west. my
favorite halifax-based band played for fourteen people, including the
soundperson. they played "sick" in the encore, by request, but all the
other songs were from _six more weeks of winter_ or have yet to be
released. that night, they reminded me why i bother going to see live
bands anymore. i can't exactly put it into words, but they moved something
inside of me and made everything alright again. "girls hate the
boys" was so great ("the f word isn't fuck, it's feminist!"), allison
seems particularly proud of it. and the song about the john lennon thing
was very very clever. coming from the same town as sloan, cool blue halo,
and the super friendz, it just seems somewhat hilarious that they would
write a song like that. i've listened to the EP three times now and when
it stops being so damn windy, i think i'll go downtown and buy it for my
self. i'm sorry, i love sloan, i think their new record is fabulous, just
wonderful and it makes me very happy when i listen to it, but i have sooo
much more respect for what allison outhit, lukas pearse, and dale hussey
create. i'm not sure if they are for everyone, i wouldn't recommend them
to everyone on the list, but if you are at all familiar with them and
enjoyed what you've heard already, check them out on that x-canada tour or
buy the ep (the most beautifully packaged cd since _burners on_).

so that was thursday night. friday night was...well, please don't flame
me, but what happened to thrush hermit? my god, they were so boring, so
cliche-laden, so dull. the songs were without any of the thrush hermit
style energy i've come to associate them with - it seems so rehearsed. my
friend jane put it so aptly when she commented (and she is the HUGEST most
obsessive hermit freak) "the local rabbits out-hermited the hermit." yep.
the new songs were nothing to write home about, either. b-o-r-i-n-g.
if that's the direction they're moving in, i guess i'll be spending my
money on the creative outputs of bands like piggy and the preppy relatives
and al tuck, instead of wasting it on the "big names" this year. i was
really disappointed with the new jale album and frankly, it's going to be
a long time before i pay to see thrush hermit again. yawn.

oh, and cool blue halo. i'm not sure what the sudden buzz about them is
for, but they did nothing for me, they never really were my cup of tea.
good for them if people are digging their sound, they have been at it long
enough, i suppose, but i'd rather dig up an old blackpool album or watch
leonard conan if i wanted to see an older halifax based band.

finally, speaking of leonard conan, they will be playing with al tuck and
at least three or four other artists on wednesday for the dave
schellenberg tribute show. i think andrew or katrina are probably more
qualified to speak about who dave schellenberg was, all i knew is he died
this past year and once played with the jellyfishbabies. only four bucks
and i think it's at birdland. hope to see some of you there. also, this is
obviously for halifax-area sloan netters only, but some of us are planning
on attending the gay pride week march at 2 pm on saturday and then there's
the elevator to hell show later that night. get in touch via phone or
private email if you want to meet up. :) we might make cookies again... :)

very sincere apologies about the length, but it's been a few weeks since
i've been able to post, and wanted to get all this into one message.

homesick? whatever.

ps/ marco browno, get in toucho.