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Ear to the Ground - Sloan interview

Awhile back, people were asking for the Sloan Ear to the Ground episode.
Well, I just located my tape yesterday.  Me and my friends (yes...I do have
friendz...) were watching it and couldn't help but laugh.  The whole show
has this kind of foreshadow-y feel to it ("Sure, hindsight is 20/20").
According to Sloan circa 1992, they were going to follow up Smeared with two
poppy albums (mission accomplished) and then do a total noise album.  Don't
know if that will ever happen, but it was funny nonetheless.  Oh yeah...it's
worth seeing for the pictures they show over the credits alone.  

This show is a definite collector's item and I'd like to share that with the
rest of you.  If anyone is interested in a copy, let me know.  I'm sure we
can work something out.