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Re: Sappy CD prices?/Admiral, an ontario band

On Sun, 24 Jan 1999, D. Aaron Petrie wrote:

>  Can anyone please give me the skinny on how much I should send to 
> sappy for the broken gril CD? Also, If anyone has any info on a band 
> from Ontario called Admiral, I'd like to hear it. MM played their 
> video a few weeks ago but didn't say much about them. The band Struck 
> me as the sort of any sloan fan would get a charge out of. 
The Broken Girl Cd is $12 postage paid from Sappy. I don't know anything 
about the band Admiral either except that they have a 4 song CDep out 
right now. I saw the video for the song `Shutdown' also on Muchmusic and 
the song is great. IMO, they are one of the better `Brit-pop' bands out 
there right now.