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thrush hermit info

well, we interviewed thrush hermit (well...ian and joel) and all i can 
say is they have to be *the* nicest people on the face of the planet! :) 
ok, and for anyone whose interested, there were no members of jale in 
the first underwhelmed video...and they weren't their girlfriends 
either. hmmm...
also, their new album on elektra will *should* be coming out sometime in 
um...oh ya. they *might* be touring in the fall but nothings sure yet. 
and....well, i know i'm forgetting a bunch of stuff but you can read all 
of that in the zine...;)
oh yeah... ian does a *really* good imitation of a punk 
rocker!!!....um....and *he* actually came to talk to *us*!!! wow!       
i guess that's it! bye!
cathy (for..."us")