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New Moonsocket Cd

Hello!  That Moonsocket review was pretty harsh, but in some ways fair. 
I love moonsocket, and not because he's Chris from Eric's Trip.  He's 
got some excellent releases: spaced odd ditties, accept fear, the first 
moonsocket tape.  But he tends to release just about anything he makes. 
For example:  Another Head, She Turned Me.  Maybe he doesn't, I 
shouldn't be speaking on his behalf, it just seems that way.  
	Anyhow, is the new Moonsocket CD a mixture of old and new stuff? 
I erased the review, but it mentioned Comfort In, an older song. If 
anyone knows the answer to this, could you email me?  Thanks for any 

P.S. Can't wait to see Moonsocket and the rest of the sappy gang in 
extented P.S. I'd never actually heard the Local Rabbits before the Much 
East show (I had to invade my friend's house to watch it), and I was 
really impressed by the little snippits of live show they aired.  It 
didn't look 'boring.'  The 'sarcastic' bit was funny also.  Anyways, 
they don't have to be funny, they're musicians!  
And on the same show... it seemed that Mark didn't want the whole E.T. 
thing to end.  If I remember correctly, he said something like "We've 
still got material to release, there's about two albums I can think of." 
 And Rick right away made sure to say the Eric's trip was over with.  
Just an observation.