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Re: mucheast/local rabbits.

>this is only my opinion but i'd like to share it with the rest of you...
>i could never really figure out what the big deal is with the local rabbits...
>but after watching them last night on mucheast i've come to the conclusion that
>these are some concieted boys that aren't as great as they think.

I, too, am perplexed by this band.  I've seen them twice at various
conferences I thought they didn't live up to the hype that surrounded them.
But, then again, who does?

As far as being conceited it seemed fairly obvious to me that they were
being sarcastic.  However, that kind of humour is pretty old.  "Yah, we
think we're the best in the world and everyone should love us"...real funny.
In ways, I think I would have prefered they think they were "doG's gift".