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Re: 89X B-day Bash

Yeah, that guy asking you about the Swirlies t-shirt was me, good old 
Evan (knotte\!/umich.edu).  Strangely, I didn't meet a single other member 
of sloannet the entire day.  sloan was very amazing, I got to talk to 
Chris during GVSB's set.  He signed some weird scribbly thing on my copy 
of OCTA, which by the way, I am still not convinced that it sounds much 
like the fab four.  I don't know what to think, I like it, I mean, it 
took me almost 4 months to really get into TR, which is one of my 4 all 
time favorite records.  I think OCTA will easily grow on me soon.  
something to note, Sloan was rather sloppy, unrehearsed, and utterly 
awful, but they still rocked my ass so hard, especially when Andrew came 
out to do People of the sky and when Jennifer Pierce came out.  Simply