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Re: 89X B-day Bash

well, alan seemed to sum up the sloan show pretty well. So i'm just gonna add
in my 2 cents about the show. First things first, triple fast action was
great, my friend caught their drumsticks and we got to go back stage to meet
them and 7 year bitch after kissing up to a roadie. That was going to be the
highlight of my day, but subsequently, sloan stole the show. This was my
first time seeing sloan and they were eveything i'd hoped they be and more. I
saw and met one fellow sloan-netter while we were waiting for setup and he
was wearing his sloan net t-shirt. So anyway, the show started and the
fucking crowd surfers started right away too. I was about 3 rows back and
spent most of my time trying to stand up and not get pushed over instead of
listening to the music. Everyone was calling out for Underwhelmed, so i
countered them each time with a more obsucre title, finally getting them to
play coax me. During this song Chris yelled out the line "It's not the band I
hate, It's they're fans" really loud after he had asked the crowd surfers to
stop and got no responce. As alan said, they're was a guy in a wheelchair who
was crowd surfing too, and at first i thought it was kinda cool, but his
friends were dicks and were using his chair as a battling ram to try and
knock people over. Ana subsequently, it was one of his friends who, while
getting passed decided to (for some reason i still don't know) start a fight
with me. He grabbed my shirt and punched me in the eye (giving me quite a
shiner) and got about 2 more punches in before i could get away and he got
pulled over the edge by security guards recieving a "fuck you" chant from the
crowd and lots of raised middle fingers. I had to get to first aid though so
i got pulled out in front of the stage and left with one song to go (i was
wearing my cinnamon toast records t-shirt)
after i got some ice i wandered back towards the right side of the stage and
who should i meet but Chris Murphy. So we chatted a while about the show and
the fucking crowd surfers and after hearing about what happened to me started
apologizing like 5 times. So he signed my program and wrote "soooo sorry" on
it, but meeting him was a thrill and a half. so that's it pretty much...ooh,
also, on the back of his bass chris had a Kiss sticker and held it up to the
crowd getting a large responce during the second song.

sorry it's so long!