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Re: I can't believe it !?

It's so wonderful to wake up on a sunny Saturday morning and find a KKK
rally outside your window! Yes, the KKK are making their annual appearance
in Ann Arbor today -- really a strange place for the KKK -- but more afraid
of the counter-demonstrator with the sign that says something to the effect
of "Klan out of Ann Arbor", and under that, in big stenciled letters, "NO

>Hi, all.
>I just returned from two straight days of non-stop sloan and I can't believe
>nooone has posted anything Yet...
>Oh well, here's the highlights of the two shows...

Apologies if my last post sounds like I didn't read ahead. I actually wrote
it a couple hours after I got home, but then my ISP's mail server went down
and I couldn't send (or receive) anything. Then, when I fired up Eudora
this morning it just sent the thing without even asking me...

>Friday \!/ Phoenix Plaza amphitheatre, Detwoi.
>unfortunately, We (The land of no laws, as Chris lovingly referred to it as)
>were plagued with the same problems as at lancerfest, Where even though, yes
>the security was a group of muscle bound jocks, and yes people did pay money
>to see them play and have fun, when people start getting injured, it's not

I thought the security was really pretty reasonable. I hate the company
that was running the security, because usually they're not reasonable, but
they were good and (most importantly and totally unlike lancerfest) they
were professionals *paid* to do security (lancerfest had volunteers from
the univ. of windsor student body who got off on hurting the crowd

>head...as well as innumerable alternacombatboots.  The main instigator was
>finally dragged off, and proceeded to try to pick fights with half the
>audience as he was ushered away... Unlike the TR tour's underwhelmed into

That guy should have been tossed out (he wasn't, you know). They just
pulled out of the "pit", as it were, where he was causing trouble, and let
him go. He clocked the guy standing next to me before they tossed him, and
the guy he clocked was sufficiently injured as to have to be pulled from
the crowd and sent for medical attention.

>far.  All in all it was a really cool day, save for seven year bitch (living
>proof that *anyone* can sign a record contract.)

I think I said this before, but I was REALLY impressed with 7 Year Bitch,
although you mentioned your non-hardcore concertgoing experience, which I
suppose is a red flag that you don't like their kind of music...  :-)

For me the lowlight of the day was probably Seaweed, or maybe Screaming
Trees. I kinda like the Screaming Trees sometimes, but last night they
sounded like mush and their bassist was so drunk he could hardly talk (but
he insisted on trying between each and every song). It's no mean feat to
get a man that big, that drunk!