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Re: shaving - autobiography/Andrew's Signature/GIE solo

>i was just wondering -- why will "you regret it later" it you shave too high?
>did chris just write that because it worked with the song or is there an
>actual reason why someone would regret shaving too high?

Well, for most people their hair does not grow back at will.  So if you were
to shave your sideburns too high, you would have to wait for them to grow
back, and if you shave too high you'll get made fun of, beaucse you look
like a gimp :)  I think that would be a reason to regret shaving too high.

About Andrew's signature if that's his way of saying fuck off, thanks a lot
:P  But then what does it mean when he signs Andrew in a square, does it
mean fuck off more or less.
Anyways but I was happy to get them all to sign my Smeared CD, but I'm not
sure how happy they were to sign THAT CD.  Chris seemed happy, I see why
he's the friendly one, we talked to him for a few minutes, because really no
one seemed to know who he was "oh, it's Sloan's bass player", and he signed
my CD "Chris Murphy, POOR SMEARED"  but he said he doesn't hate it that
much.  Jay was nice too once he came out of hiding, and Andrew didn't seem
to want to talk to anyone, which would explain the fuck off signature.  And
Patrick hid up top for the whole time except for halfway thorugh Eric's Trip
when he went to get a drink with his girlfriend only to find that all the
pop machines were empty (that sucked) and I got him to sign it and he said
"we have other CD's you know", to which I replied "well I have Twice
Removed, and you're not fucking selling the other one"
which is another thing that was stupid, Tara probably sold over a 1000
dollars worth of ET merch and I guess those rich Sloan boys don't need that
kind of money.

Anyways, I could say more about the SLoan/ET experience (hurting arm, etc.)
but I'm too lazy maybe later.  ANyways, I know someone out there taped that
show can I PLEASE get a copy, I beg of you, I didn't even get to see that
whole show as I had to catch the boat.

Guitar haters beware:

Okay, we'd think it was cool if we could play the Good In Everyone at a
little variety show thing we're doing at school on Tuesday, it's very easy
except we can't figure out the intro/outro thing, any help would be appreciated.

And for those who care, I'm pretty sure you play the solo for that like this:

B: 8888 3333 6666 1111
G: 8888 3333 6666 1111

Just use the whammy bar (which I don't have and it should sound okay)

Anyways, I'm sure someone out here can play that intro.

Thanks a bunch,