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89X B-day Bash

The bash is over, I have seen Sloan and quite possibly got a fellow
Sloan-neter lost in Pontiac. Sorry, Myque!  :-(

The show had kind of a unique arrangement. I think 10 bands played on two
stages, but whenever one stage was empty, the other was being set up. As
soon as the band on one stage finished, the show would move to the next
(like, within a minute or so).

Sloan was one of the two exceptions to that -- they had about a 10 minute
lull between Elephant Ear and their set. The PA music during this time was
the radio, since the show was sponsored by 89X, and got booed for a minute
solid when they played Alanis Morrisette!

Anyway, Sloan finally started, and it was pretty apparent that most of the
audience was Americans who knew nothing about OCTA. They started off with
"Anyone Who's Anyone" and moved on to "Marcus Said". I'm not going to do a
complete set list (I doubt I could remember it), but from OCTA they also
did "The Good in Everyone", "Nothing Left...", "G Turns to D", "Everything
You've Done Wrong", "The Lines You Amend", "Can't Face Up", and "400
Metres". As far as the other records go, the most notable thing is that
they didn't play "Underwhelmed" or "Take It In", probably their two biggest
songs in Detroit! Also, they brought Jennifer Pierce out to do "I Am the
Cancer", which made me really happy!

They sounded great, they had a ton of energy, and the new stuff fit in with
the old pretty seamlessly. Chris claimed Jay was everyone's favorite Sloan
member and called the US "the nation of no laws". When Andrew came up front
to sing "People of the Sky", Chris sat down at the drum set long enough to
convince the rest of the band that he was actually going to play them. But
a stranger appeared (I still have no idea who he is) and Chris tiptoed up
behind Andrew and started dancing around. Once Andrew noticed him he danced
around all over the stage, and he and Patrick experimented with the vocal
harmonies (you know, bah-bah-bah-da-BAH). Andrew slapped an "89X" onto the
line in "400 Metres" that ends "... your radio station." Chris also
interrupted a song (I can't remember which) to go on a rant about the crowd
surfers hurting the smaller folks up front (which he also did when they
played in Windsor last fall). He did seem to like the wheelchair-bound
crowd surfer, though... Some people lifted this guy, wheelchair and all,
into the air and started passing him around. I was right up front and he
was headed straight for me -- I looked at the security guards and they
looked at each other, and we all thought, "what the hell are we gonna do
when it gets *here*???" Chris pointed at a photographer at the side of the
stage and said "hey!" (he was singing at the time -- he actually cut the
next line short when the photographer didn't do anything and shouted, "Hey,
take a picture!").

I'm just typing details haphazardly, as they drop out of my head. Sorry if
the whole thing seems a bit jumpy or overly completist...

Incidentally, I was wearing my Swirlies t-shirt and somebody stopped me as
Jale was beginning their set to ask me where I'd gotten it. He then said
he'd heard they always got small crowds in Detroit, which is something I
posted last week... that guy wouldn't happen to be a Sloannet guy, would
he??? (I didn't get a chance to ask him, as my friend Sara was trying to
rush me as close to the stage as possible.)

I'll let someone else review Jale -- I'm not that familiar with their
music, though I like it, and they were really nervous in front of such a
large crowd as they played to today.

I saw three people wearing "hello..." tags today. Damn, I forgot to get
one! I apologize for not saying hi, but I saw you from a distance, or in
the case of one of you, you were popping high into the air during 7 Year
Bitch's set (an absolutely amazing set, I must add, and I had never heard
any of their songs before then).

Oh, finally -- and I hope people don't get pissed at me for saying this --
but the show today was a prime example of why I and many other
20-somethings hate all-ages shows. Flame away if you must, but I'm annoyed,
especially with the pimply braceface who kept screaming "Get off the
stage!" at Jale via my right ear...

Anyway, that said, I DID have a great time today, and I'm soooooooooo happy
to have seen Sloan! They said they might be back in the fall...  8-D


ps Sorry so long...