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hey gang, just an opinion but i was wondering if anyone else is sick and
fuck'in tired of hearing people say that the tragically hip are world's
greatest band.  i mean the hip are ok, but how can people over look sloan
who are easily the best in canada.  whenever i hear twice removed i always
wonder how mainstream success has escaped them, maybe some of you may
think this is a good thing, whatever.  my only explanation is poor
promotion, is this dgc's fault? if so then it also proves another one of
my theories that the band went through all this break-up crap and leaving
dgc because they knew how brilliant t.r. was and were big-time pissed off
at the poor promotion job geffen did on it.  smeared was a great album
too, and t.r. was an evolution from this, but it ended up selling less
which is exactly the opposite of what should have happened.  opinions anyone?

back to the hip i am really starting to hate them and all because of
comments from people like, "man gordie is god"  when a buddy at work said
this to me the thing that came out of my mouth was "are you stupid?"  i
haven't even bought the new cd and probably won't waste the money, i'd
rather spend it on the vynal edition octa, and i don't even own a record
player that works.  but i've got to admit ahead by a century is a pretty
good tune,  except that it's been on much and radio everytime i turn
something on, plus i heard the rest of the album isn't that good.  

finally, i liked octa the first couple of times i heard it, but after
repeated listenings i'm really starting to love it, it's no t.r. but it's
pretty close.  

p.s.  all you guys out there remember, "....don't shave too high, you'll
                                            regret it later"
who else but sloan could make that line work?               (autobiography)

Khaled Attar
History/Political Science II
President-Carleton University Reform Association
e-mail: kattar\!/chat.carleton.ca
	"It feels good just to bitch about it, scratch that itch until
	 it bleeds."-Sebadoh