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thrush hermit/local rabbits

Well we (heather & I) made the drive from london to hamilton to supposedly
see thrush hermit & the rabbits, but the rabbits played *last night* as we
found out when we got there. When we arrived there was this really bad band
playing, a cross of i mother earth & the tea party, and well they blew. So
then Thursh Hermit were up, a killa set of mostly new stuff, very
impressive. funny notes of the show...

- Ian decided to run around the bar shaking almost everyone's hand before
the belted out patriot, which ended the set.

- Joel w/ guitar in hand walked around the corner into another room
appearing behind a glass window giving the metal/slayer hand sign to
everyone, while still trying to play patriot

- they played french inhale and decided to stick glum boy in the middle of
it, for the annoying girl who pestered them to play glumboy

I have decided tonite after seeing thrush hermit for the eighth time, that
they are a pure throw back to 70's rock and roll. anyways its bad time so

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