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Re: I just don't understand...The Local Rabbits.

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, Sarah Thompson wrote:

> God, all of this and no talk about the fantastic new Cool Blue Halo record.

i recommended it awhile ago.

> Didn't anyone go to their CD release.

yup....it was great!

> Cool Blue Halo's record is named after a Big Star song -- Kangaroo

uh huh...and they also played "september gurls" at the cd release during 
the encore :)

> The record was recorded at the same time, in the same place as the new Sloan
> record -- listen for the similarities. Just who took what from whom?

yeah, but cool blue halo didn't feel the need to rip off chicago ;)

> Too Much Kathleen is awesome -- the best pop song to come from the East
> Coast in a long time (or at least since the the Superfriendz' Karate Man).

yeah...that one certainly caught my ear the first time i heard it! 
the new album is really good and worth getting...catchy songs!
the cd release party was cool...they were all dressed up and the stage 
had silver foil haning behind them. they played most of the new album 
plus a few other tracks, as well as the big star cover and "sheila comes 
around" during the encore.