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I just don't understand...The Local Rabbits.


What's with this love of the Local Rabbits.

The only time I saw them live, I thought they where terribly dull (they were
opening for Sloan) The new disc is more of the same -- do people really like
this fucked up eclectisism? Whether or not Jay Ferguson produced it, its
still not particularly interesting and being from Montreal, they have about
as much to do with East Coast music as say...Rusty (another band who's
appeal I don't understand). So what if they're on Murder -- they're just
boring. Enough said. 

God, all of this and no talk about the fantastic new Cool Blue Halo record.
Didn't anyone go to their CD release.

Some points of note.

Cool Blue Halo's record is named after a Big Star song -- Kangaroo

The record was recorded at the same time, in the same place as the new Sloan
record -- listen for the similarities. Just who took what from whom?

Too Much Kathleen is awesome -- the best pop song to come from the East
Coast in a long time (or at least since the the Superfriendz' Karate Man).

They are amazing live and are playing in London, Ont. tomorrow night at Call
The Office.....

Later kids.


"A big fan of today's young people."