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I can't believe it !?

Hi, all.
I just returned from two straight days of non-stop sloan and I can't believe
nooone has posted anything Yet...
Oh well, here's the highlights of the two shows...

Thursday \!/ HMV Devonshire, Windsor...

It was...Crowded.  People who couldn't fit into the store were outside
thumpin' on the glass and generally raisin' a ruckus.  They didn't really
make any room for people, though... They just sorta shoved 'em into a corner
and had people sit down...
They played *Very* well, especially for an instore, which in my experience
are usually more relaxed and low-key..
Some highlights include:
- Typical cock rock Chris poses...
- Chris reading the backs of CD's on the shelves a s he played/sang...
- Andrew becoming thoroughly lost during 'Good in Everyone.'
- Seeing Patrick's 'Metal' hair.
- Watching chris turn shades of red I never knew existed during 'Anyone who's
- Getting andrew's whole signiture, not just a triangle in a square. (I
remember someone posting about how he signed their CD at the instore and
chris telling them that what andrew had written was his way of saying F---
off...  What had he written ?)
It was very, very enjoyable, but then came...(I smell a segueway..)

Friday \!/ Phoenix Plaza amphitheatre, Detwoi.

This was like, heaven.  They played a good mixture of TR singles and new
songs, as well as 'I am the cancer' and 'marcus said' off of Smeared.  My
only gripe was that they didn't bring *any* merchindise, so I couldn't pick
up the OCTA vinyl avec the lyrics I so desperately desire. They didn't get an
encore, but andrew came out during the main set (I've never seen him do this
before, live, bootleg, or otherwise.) and played people of they sky, during
which Chris was supposed to be drumming, but he not-so -secretly handed off
the sticks to some guy, and danced behind Andrew, until he noticed, at which
point he proceeded to make a spectacle of himself and climb on top of the
giant 89X size PA speakers and dance. Since jale were there, (They were
incredible as well, I was very impressed...) Jennifer pierce came out and
sang harmonies on 'I am the Cancer...', and that was a real treat....But
unfortunately, We (The land of no laws, as Chris lovingly referred to it as)
were plagued with the same problems as at lancerfest, Where even though, yes
the security was a group of muscle bound jocks, and yes people did pay money
to see them play and have fun, when people start getting injured, it's not
fun anymore.  A small ('elite', I suppose.) group of people couldn't seem to
understand that  pain does not equal fun.  Things were actually alright until
Chris apologized for getting snippy at lancerfest because of the
moshing/surfing, when, don't ask me why (It's beyond me.) some very strong
men with no shirts and more ink on their bodies than I use in an entire
school day, took that as a cue to start one hell of a shnitstorm.  People
like, came from all over during 'Before I do', and it really got pretty rough
(well, rough by my nonhardcore concertgoing experience) at times, and I was
the succesful recipient of not one but two (count 'em! Two!)  beers over the
head...as well as innumerable alternacombatboots.  The main instigator was
finally dragged off, and proceeded to try to pick fights with half the
audience as he was ushered away... Unlike the TR tour's underwhelmed into
Penpals segueway, they did 'the good in everyone' (no mistakes!), into
'penpals'.  They really screwed up Can't face up, but in such a way that it
came across pretty humorous... after the chorus andrew carried a roll out too
long, and it threw his timing off, so patrick started singing + playing a
couple beats ahead of the drums... All of a sudden, they just stop and he
looks back at andrew who did his best to look like it wasn't his fault.
 Anyway, patrick joined back in, and proceeded to immediately start the wrong
verse, then in a desperate attempt to save it switch over to another verse
halfway thorough.  It was the best of the three times that I've seen them by
far.  All in all it was a really cool day, save for seven year bitch (living
proof that *anyone* can sign a record contract.)
Oh well, If that's not enough detail, bug me some more and I'll do a review
all professional-like.

P.S. Chris made fun of me for being a computer nerd. Yeah!