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they're still sloan.

that was my reaction to the sloan show in moncton
last sunday.  i was totally gratified to see that the
songs on the new record really work as *sloan* songs.
sure the recording brings out some of the classic
dimensions of the songs, and yes, there's lots of
beatles influence blah blah blah.  and despite a
few miscues in their set (they hit the most incredibly
sour note ever at the end of "i hate my generation!")
they rocked like i've rarely seen them do.  you should
have seen chris drumming on andrew's songs.  he was
a madman.  :-)  

my favorite songs of the set:  "400 metres", "anyone
who's anyone", "the good in everyone"/"pen pals", 
"the lines you amend".

ok, i'm going away for the weekend.  try to be good,
kids.  :-)  see if you can resolve this eddie vedder
controversy by the time i get back, ok?  or i think
i'm going to shoot myself.  and for god's sake quit
it with the one-line useless-comment posts.  

and did someone actually refer to shannon lyon as a
"god"?  please, do us all a favour and kill yr idols.

sloan net.  where it all gets hacked.  ;-)


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