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Re: Cute band alert

Haha, once six finger satellite were the cute band alert too!!...but that
actually might of been in the new sassy(uh...crappy) The new sassy is just
ridiculous and is everything the old sassy was against. uggg it SUCKS, and i
had to endure a whole years subscription to the damn thing!
p.s. uh...sloan is good

At 03:41 PM 6/19/96 -0400, you wrote:
>By now it has definately been established that Sloan were in Sassy.  I'm
>sort of baffled that the old very hip sassy is being slagged.  I mean cute
>band alert  was terribly ironic and supposed to be superficial reviews of
>obscure bands.  For god sake, They put Blonde Red Head there before any of
>the music mags were drooling over them.
>But alas, this is the old sassy and not the anti-sassy that exists today.
>And no, I was not that margie (who pronounces her name with a soft g and
>now goes by marjorie anyway)
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