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moonsocket review in Magnet

(the editors of magnet saw fit to not only trash the moon socket CD, 
they had the review written in the form of a conversation between two 
pot heads. It makes for a bit of an interesting read)

1- "hey man, you know the tape we made in my bedroom that night we 
smoked all that Thai stick? Well, I was thinking that we should 
release it, 'cause a whole bunch of people might want to hear every 
musical idea I've ever had"
2- "Good idea dude, then we can buy more pot, cause it looks like 
we're running a little low on the el producto, if ya' hear me"
1-'no problem man, all the Eric's trip fans will buy it, cause I'm 
the main guy in the band. I just hope they don't get pissed when they 
find out that most of the songs shouldn't have even been recorded in 
the first place"
2- "But those are good songs, dude, I mean tracks like alone and 
annoyed, Comfort Inn, and boulder are greatpop songs, which would 
benefit from being produced on a 4-track.
1- "Yeah, but one of them is performed better on the new eric's trip 
record, another one is a Lou Barlow song that even he sang better.
     Enough kidding around, Moonsocket is Chris Thompson of Eric's 
Trip, and this disc compiles his bedroom recorded tapes of various 
songs and ideas.A number of tracks are pleasing,-- if you like eric's 
trip, sebadoh and other lo-fi classicists. More than few should have 
been left at home though. This trend of artists releasing every song 
they've ever written is a bit over bearing and definetly over done. 
--Mitch Prothero