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Re: Hovercraft...Vedder is [or was] in the band.

 On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Brooks Duncan wrote:
 > Heather MacEachern <maenon\!/webgate.net> writes:
 > > god* he is and all, hmmm...if any one finds any truth in this...let me
 > I don't think Eddie Vedder is really in Hovercraft, but his wife is.
 > Now back to your regularily scheduled EC content...
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 Brooks Duncan and all those interested,
 It's long, but there is a point and it does pertain to Mr. Vedder.
 	I saw Hovercraft and Foo Fighters open for Mike Watt when he 
 played Toronto, ON.  When Hovercraft played they played on a very dark 
 stage and showed footage of grainy 50's movies and documentaries on a 
 big back-drop screen (more of a sheet really).  The drummer was wearing a 
 coat, a Storm Trooper t-shirt (which he picked up from a guy on the 
 street in front of the venue), a toque and sunglasses (it was summer so 
 he was immensely over dressed).  After HC finished, Foo Fighters Came on  
 and then Mike Watt came on.  
 	The guitarist was the same fella with the toque and sunglasses.  
 When said fellow began to sing back up on a few of the songs, it became 
 apparent that it was Eddie Vedder.  A couple of knobs who showed up on 
 the rumour that Eddie would be there began to shout "EDDIE .... EDDIE ... 
 WE KNOW IT'S YOU EDDIE!!!"  This was very distracting to Mike Watt who 
 stopped at the end of one song and said, "Shut up! I'm not used to being 
 the front man and you're fucking me up [referring to the fact that he had 
 forgotten the words in the previous song]."  He then said: "Go on scream 
 your head off, get it over with now so we can play!"
 	The screaming persisted and Eddie eventually removed the 
 sunglasses and the toque to reveal his true identity.  When the knobs 
 resurfaced and started shouting his name, he replied with his typical 
 I-don't-wanna-be-a-rockin'-roll-star-attitude.  He said "Fuck off."
 	The point here is that Eddie (at least for that night) did play 
 in Hovercraft.  
 	An interesting aside:  the fellow selling those Storm Trooper t-shirts 
 outside Lee's Palace made a killing.
 ...Tom Gale