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I'm on the air, baybeeeeeeee......................

Video killed the RADIO star...
Video killed the RADIO star...
In my mind and in my car
we can't unwind we've gone too far...

A secret guest will be on a LONDON, ONTARIO radio station tomorrow
(Friday June 21) at 4:30 pm but we're not announcing who until that
time.  Please tune your special receivers, supplied by the fine people
at Molson, to CHRW to receive this once in a lifetime signal.

Who am I kidding?  It's MY PET GENIUS, though many probably wish it
was SOUNDGARDEN.  Someone from the band will be phoning in to plug a
"one of" show at CALL THE OFFICE (Saturday June 22) .  It's kind of a
national summit with bands from across the country.

The Delegates:

Cool Blue Halo (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
My Pet Genius (Toronto, Ontario)
Licorice Fix (London, Ontario)
Transister (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

If you're in the London area, stop by.

And for any other interested parties, My Pet Genius are also playing
the Dragon Room  (Dundas, just east of Spadina) in China Town on June
21st.  Also on the bill are My Girlfriend (...oh me, oh MY...) and a
very special super group (no kidding, this time).  Drop by and have
some noodles.

Yum, yum...Geneyus.