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>The Delegates:
>Cool Blue Halo (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
>My Pet Genius (Toronto, Ontario)
>Licorice Fix (London, Ontario)
>Transister (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
>If you're in the London area, stop by.

One last plug for the Waterloo show -- if you can't make London to see
Licorice Fix and a touring Nova Scotia band, head to Conrad Grebel College
at the University of Waterloo. We've got Licorice Fix, the Grace Babies,
Splitsville, the Tonebursts, Chickpea, and local god Shannon Lyon. Six
bands, five bucks... and it's completely Sloan-netter organized!

That's 7PM, Great Hall, Conrad Grebel, University of Waterloo, this Friday!

patrick (who is really worrying about breaking even on this one)

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