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Re: sloan in melody maker

Yeah, it kind of makes sense that british bands might be into the sloan
sound cause sloan are definitely influenced by british bands, among other
things.  I know we already covered the Ride and the MBV influences but I can
also hear some Boo Radleys, High Llamas and Stereolab in there.  What do you
guys think?

>On the same topic of british people being into sloan, I seem to recall the 
>mention of sloan, or jale, or eric's trip (I don't remember which) in one of 
>those british "VOLUME" CD compilations.  Some british band put in their 
>liners that their was a cool scene happening in Halifax.  I also remember 
>that whatever band they were talking about, they spelled the name wrong.
>>On 17 Jun 96 at 19:28, shawnm\!/webgate.net wrote:
>>}I actually have a Melody Maker in which smeared gets a favorable review
>>}which is surprising considering that melody maker hates almost every
>>}non-british band. 
>>Are Sloan a non-British band?
>>OK, maybe Smeared wasn't so British, but OCTA should rate highly with 
>>"I stayed in school this long but still no one will tell me why..."
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