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Re: Mucheast

Warren wrote:
>Did anybody notice that they spelled murderecords as "murderecrods" at 
>                                                             ^^^^
>the end of the Jesus loves me video? Much music is full of wankers...
   I was forced to sit through another episode of RSVP the other day (my
poor sister is convinced that they'll play her request for Ben Lee... so far
no luck, though) and they had this chick on the telephone from PEI...
anyway, Bill Welwhatshisface asked her if she watches Mucheast, and the look
on his face when she said, "uh...no," was just too funny...


 Shant wrote:
>According to Chris, there are lyrics and other "goodies" (?) on the vinyl!
  Cool beans... as helpful as Adam's thing was (you have way too much time
on yr hands, boy ;)), is anybody out there planning on getting OCTA on
vinyl... and would anybody be willing to photocopy the lyrics (and
"goodies") for me?  

  "We used to have a lot of things in common,
   But you know now we're just the same"