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eric's last trip.

the last eric's trip show was...

crowded - i heard that 600 tickets were sold in advance.
i don't know how many were sold at the door.  
with hundreds of people crowding around, everyone was
hot and sweaty.

spooky - i felt like i was caught in some weird offshoot
of the nirvana "smells like teen spirit" video.  the venue
had a real high-school look and feel to it.  there was this
strange feeling of irony about "going back to school" after
all those bar shows.  nostalgic, but in a weird way.  the
lights threw big distorted shadow versions of rick, mark,
julie, and chris up on the walls.  the people watching from
windows upstairs, with light coming from behind them, looked
like ghosts.  at the end of the encore, julie did this
low a cappella rendition of "blinded".  just to end on a 
really bizarre note.

familiar - so many haligonians were there it was easy to forget
that i was in a totally different city.  the band played standard
after standard.  you saw shant's list.  

melancholy - conversations between sets revolved around
eric's trip memories.  the crowd fell almost silent during
some of the slower numbers.  people cried.

loud - as usual, louder than most rock bands ever need to
be, but just perfect for eric's trip.  it was the best
eric's trip gig i've ever seen, and it was what i fell in
love with in the first place -- that sublime wall of
obliterating noise.


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